Graduate school marks a major academic milestone, and can prepare individuals for rewarding careers in their fields of interest. As such, the Graduate Program in Chemistry is academically challenging, and requires rigor and self-determination on the part of our students. Not only do chemistry graduate students deepen their knowledge of chemical constructs and reactions, they also acquire the skills necessary to succeed as chemists in industry or academia. In this environment, future chemists grow to a greater understanding of creative scientific experimentation, and of the manners in which they can use this knowledge base in their professional lives.

This process is exciting and important, but it may also seem occasionally stressful and confusing. In order to help our incoming and current graduate student to succeed, we have provided the helpful pages in this section. Particularly useful is the Graduate Student Handbook, which contains information on the academic requirements of the Graduate Program in Chemistry, and the Mental and Emotional Health page, which contains information on services available to help graduate students to cope with stress and conflict. For more information, please contact the Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Chemistry, Tara Stacy, at, or by phone at (541) 737-6708.