For inquiries on chemistry course articulations from a transfer school  to OSU, please run the single search application posted at OSU Admissions on Transfer Course Equivalency here: Single Transfer Course Search Tool    

 After you have checked your transfer school, if you have any questions or want to request a new Transfer Course Equivalency  that is not yet listed at OSU for a chemistry course , please email the following information to the Lead Chemistry Advisor, Dr. Christine Pastorek at (1) your name, (2) your OSU ID (if you have one), (3) the name of the transfer school (no abbreviations), and (4) the course number you wish to have evaluated to Dr. Pastorek.  Response time can take up to 1-2 weeks but we will try to get back to you asap.

For more information on the Chemistry degree, please contact the Lead Chemistry Advisor at  If you plan to be in the Corvallis area & would like to stop in for a guided tour of the Chemistry department, we would be happy to see you!  Please contact Dr. Pastorek and/or the OSU Visitors Center to schedule a visit.


What steps should you be taking to start college Fall term? 

If you have not been admitted yet, go to OSU Admissions

If you have already been admitted, you must participate in the Summer Advising and Registration Program for New Undergraduates (START).  You may also wish to participate in the CONNECT program in the week before Fall term begins.

Transfer students should visit our Transferring to OSU page.

For more information on the Chemistry degree, please contact the head Chemistry Advisor, Dr. Christine Pastorek at (541)737-6732 or  If you plan to be in the Corvallis area & would like to stop in for a guided tour of the Chemistry department, we would be happy to see you!  Contact Dr. Pastorek or the OSU Visitors Center to schedule a visit.

Chemistry Information

Competitive tuition awards. There a number of great opportunities for scholarships available to chemistry majors:  Click here for information on Departmental Scholarships and Awards. In the past, our best Chemistry majors have been successful earning the National Goldwater Scholarship - this pays for in-state tuition and can be renewed (a strong record of undergraduate research is a component).  There have been four national Goldwater Scholarship holders in Chemistry over the past ten years. The College of Science offers additional scholarships for undergraduate students who have completed 30 university credits at OSU.  If you are a high school senior, check with your high school advisor and ask about other scholarship programs that might be available for Oregon residents.

International Degree. In the recent past, Chemistry majors have opted to study in England, Australia, Germany and France, for example. You can earn an international degree along with your chemistry degree. For more information on travel abroad, see Study Abroad link at the International Education web page.

New computer interfaced experiments have been added to the laboratory portion in the General Chemistry sequence for science majors (CH 231/261, 232/262, 233/263). Students gain first hand experience in modern chemical analysis in a small group setting. A special laboratory section for Chemistry majors is offered (271, 272, & 273). The three hour per week laboratory sections are limited to 24 students and there is a one hour problem solving session per week in the same small group setting.

Honors College Chemistry courses.  Incoming freshmen admitted to the OSU Honors College can enroll in Honors General Chemistry, CH 231H/232H/233H.  Special projects of the student's design are an important part of this program.  Contact the Honors College directly at (541) 737-6400 for more information or see Honors College at OSU.  Honors College credit is also offered at the sophomore level for Experimental Chemistry I, CH 361H and CH 362H, and the junior level for Experimental Chemistry II, CH 461H, CH 462H (WIC), CH 463H (WIC).

Integrated Laboratory Program - Experimental Chemistry I and II sequences
The Chemistry Department at OSU offers its undergraduate chemistry majors many opportunities to learn to do real chemistry first hand through a distinctive six-term laboratory sequence, Experimental Chemistry I & II (CH 361/361H, CH 362/362H, CH 461/461H, CH 462/462H, CH 463/463H or CH 464/464H). Students work on project styled experiments and use state of the art computer controlled scientific instrumentation throughout this advanced integrated laboratory sequence. The small class setting of 10-25 students promotes opportunities for personal interactions with faculty and guarantees student access to expert scientists and modern chemical instrumentation. Students receive intensive hands-on experience using computers for data acquisition, data analysis, molecular modeling and computational chemistry and electronic database searching. For more information on the Integrated Lab Program please contact Dr. Christine Pastorek (541)737-6732 or

Undergraduate Research Opportunities - Chemistry majors are also encouraged to engage in undergraduate research in which they have the opportunity to work with professional research faculty. Many undergraduates start on research projects during the spring term of the sophomore year and often this can extend into a paid summer research experience.  Students wishing to earn upper division credit while doing research can enroll in CH 401, Research.  

Other General Information about OSU

For more information on student services and financial aid, see the web at: Student Site, Oregon State University Students must apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The FAFSA is only available online. According to the University's General Catalog, page 30, "All eligible students and parents can receive some type of financial assistance regardless of the family’s income and assets".  Financial aid includes grants, loans and Federal work-study. Scholarships for incoming freshmen are normally invited at the time of admittance.

All degrees granted by OSU include the Baccalaureate Core. The "Bacc Core" includes 48 credits in Skills, Perspectives, and Synthesis and emphasizes writing, critical thinking, cultural diversity, the arts, sciences, literature, lifelong fitness, and global awareness. A writing intensive course in the major is included. Experimental Chemistry II, CH 462 (Winter term) and CH 463 (Spring term) are two WIC courses for the chemistry major.

To request more information on the undergraduate degree programs in Chemistry at Oregon State, please contact:

Department of Chemistry
Oregon State University
153 Gilbert Hall
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-4003

or by email at: