CH 362/362H - Experimental Chemistry I (Integrated Laboratory Program)

The Chemistry Department at OSU offers its undergraduate chemistry majors many opportunities to learn to do real chemistry first hand through a distinctive six-term laboratory sequence, Experimental Chemistry I & II.  Students work on project styled experiments and use state of the art computer controlled scientific instrumentation throughout this advanced integrated laboratory sequence.  The small class setting of 10-25 students promotes opportunities for personal interactions with faculty and guarantees student access to expert scientists and modern chemical instrumentation.  Students receive intensive hands-on experience using computers for data acquisition, data analysis, molecular modeling and computational chemistry and electronic database searching.  For more information on the Integrated Lab Program please contact Dr. Christine Pastorek (541) 737-6732.

This course typically covers the following topics: Synthesis of acids, vacuum distillation, synthesis of esters, esterification,  characterization of products by FTIR and refractometry, bond energies, oxygen bomb calorimeter, synthesis of M(acac)3, FTIR of M(acac)3, Paramagnetism of M(acac)3, structure identification by 1D and 2D NMR including COSy, HSQC, HMBC and DQF.

Honors College credit is also offered at the sophomore level for Experimental Chemistry I, CH 361H and CH 362H.  Contact the Honors College directly at (541) 737-6400 for more information or see Honors College at OSU.

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