Photo Name Thesis Title
McKay Allred McKay Allred, PhD Poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substance release from landfills and landfill model reactors
Embarak Al Wedi

Embarak Alwedi, PhD

Chain extension of boronic esters with stereo- and regio-defined lithiated oxiranes

Ashley Anderson Ashley Anderson, BS  
Anna Daysi Carlos Flores Anna Daysi Carlos Flores, BS  
Maureen Caupp Maureen Caupp, MS  
Lauren Covey Lauren Covey, BS  
Mark Delgado Mark Delgado, BS  
Brandice Durfee Brandice Durfee, BS  
Stephanie Gonzales Stephanie Gonzales, BS  
Fangyuan Han

Fangyuan Han, PhD

Excited state molecular structural evolution and chemical reactivity studied by femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy

Chris Heron Chris Heron, BS  
Kristen Holmes Kristen Holmes, BS  
Brittany Johnston Brittany Johnston, BS  
Ryne Johnston

Ryne Johnston, PhD

Rationalization and innovative design of asymmetric organocatalysts through computational investigation

Maria Jolley Maria Jolley, BS  
Scott Lafontaine Scott Lafontaine, PhD Relative influence of trans-Pacific and regional atmospheric transport of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), USA
Geneva Laurita-Plankis Geneva Lauita-Plankis, PhD

Investigation of the structural influence on the properties of functional inorganic oxides

Jamy Lee Jamy Lee, BS  
Daniel Mathis Daniel Mathis, BS  
Ievgen Motorykin Ievgen Motorykin, PhD


Mass-spectrometric Methods for Quantitative Proteomics and Post-translational Modification Mapping

Oleksii Motorykin

Oleksii Motorykin, PhD

Human exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons : global cancer risk and metabolism

Thomas Mustard

TJ Mustard, PhD

Predicting Amorphous Metal Oxide Band Gaps: Rapid Band Gap Prediction of Amorphous Metal Oxides- 250 Stoichiometry Dataset

Arica Nassar Arica Nassar, BS  
Chen Ng Chen Ng, BS  
Kyoo Rok Park Kyoo Rok Park, BS  
 Omidalla Pattawong Omidalla Pattawong, PhD

Computational Investigation and Prediction of Mechanisms and Stereocontrol in Complex Organic Reactions

Ania Pavitt Ania Pavitt, BS  
Garett Platt Garett Platt, BS  
Brian Riggs Brian Riggs, BS  
Dylan Roberts Dylan Roberts, BS  
Mrinmoy Saha Mrinmoy Saha, PhD

A unified approach for the total synthesis of C₁₀-functionalyzed Lycopodium alkaloids

David Schiedler David Schiedler, PhD

The development of aminal radicals for the synthesis of nitrogen-rich natural products

Allie Schultz Allie Schultz, BS  
Lindsay Sequeira Lindsay Sequeira, MS  
Alexandria Van Scoyk Alexandria Van Scoyk, BS  
Jessica Vellucci Jessica Vellucci, PhD

Total Synthesis of Goniomitine : Development of Aminal and α-Amino Radicals in the Synthesis of Nitrogen-Rich Natural Products

Michael Walters Michael Walters, BS  
Liang Wang

Liang Wang, PhD

Investigating Low-Frequency Vibrations in Condensed Matter Using Time-Resolved Third-Harmonic Generation Spectroscopy

Patrick Winczewski Patrick Winczewski, BS  

Not pictured: Austin Angle, William Denton, Jared Dunagan, Elizabeth Gass, Timothy Hemphill, Hui Jeong Jui, Jeffrey Laskos, Leslie Loh, Thomas Luong, Melissa McIntosh, Dierdre Newton, Preston Roach, Brendon Tschuy, Shin-Cheng Tzeng, Diasuke Umezawa, Ly Thao Vu