Photo Name Thesis Title
 Chadd Armstrong  Chadd Armstrong, BS  
 James Barnes  James Barnes, BS  
 Jordan Bergstrom  Jordan Bergstrom, BS  
 Monica Best  Monica Best, BS  
 Sierra Breckinridge  Sierra Breckinridge, BS  
 Kristin Brewster  Kristin Brewster, BS  
 Nathan Collett  Nathan Collett, PhD  Himeradine A : synthetic efforts towards himeradine A and related natural products, a Michael reaction focused approach 
 Derek Franco  Derek Franco, BS  
 Rosa Grajczyk  Rosa Grajczyk, PhD  Structure-property relationships of YbFe₂O₄-type layered transition metal oxides 


 Brad Hilt Brad Hilt, BS   
 Josh Holmes Joshua Holmes, BS   
 Michael Hughes Michael Hughes, BS   
 Adam Huntley  Adam Huntley, BS  
 Brittany Johnston  Brittany Johnston, BS  
 Ashley Kastner Ashley Kastner, BS   
 Kevin Kovalchik Kevin Kovalchik, BS   
 Jordane Lampi Jordane Lampi, BS   
 Min Jing Lee Ming Jung Lee, BS   
 Xiaochao Liu  Xiaochao Liu, MS  
 Tsz Pang, Liu  Tsz Pang Liu, BS  
 Phillip Marks Phillip Marks, BS   
 Nick Martin Nick Martin, BS   
 Ashley Moon Ashley Moon, BS   
 Jordan Rains Jordan Rains, BS   
 Brandon Roses Brandon Roses, BS   
 Whitney Schmidt Whitney Schmidt, PhD   Synthesis and investigation of layered oxides with honeycomb ordering 
 Subatra Shaw Subatra Shaw, PhD   Cis-2,5-diaminobicyclo[2.2.2]octane : a novel C₂-symmetric scaffold for asymmetric catalysis 
Weekit Sirisaksoontorn Weekit Sirisaksoontorn, PhD   Graphite intercalation compounds containing tetra-n-alkylammonium cations 
Hailey Todd Hailey Todd   
Christopher Walsh Christopher Walsh, PhD  Local scale spatial and temporal variation in wet deposition of persistent organic pollutants by snow 
Wei Wang Wei Wang, PhD   Synthesis and characterization of aluminum oxide based materials - from molecule to device 
Liping Yang Liping Yang, PhD   Effects of small molecule ligands on the conformational dynamics of the Farnesoid X Receptor ligand binding domain (FXR-LBD) 
Not pictured: Adeniyi Adenuga, Aaron Anderson, Kayla Bell, Thomas Day, Jared Harzan, Jacquellyn Helm, Jae Seok Heo, Amanda Hoyt, Nizan Kenane, Song Kim, Joseph Lapka, Stefan Lucchini, Meghan Megowan, Jacquelyn Miller, Sasidhar Nirudodhi, Gary Points, Muhammed Salih, Stephanie Sherman, Khomson Suttisintong, Sarah Townsend