Photo Name Thesis Title
Nicholas Abayare

Nicholas Abayare, BS 

Amanda Abbott Amanda Abbott, BS  
Emmeline Altschul Emmeline Altschul Transition metal solar absorbers
Will Bache Will Backe, PhD  Development of novel analytical methods to detect emerging contaminants in aqueous environmental matrices using large-volume injection 
Andy Cadotte Andy Cadotte, BS  
 Elise Cowley Elise Cowley, BS  
 Mai Duong Mai Duong, BS  
 Mitchell Fargher Mitchell Fargher, BS  
 K'Sondra Fredrickson K'Sondra Fredrickson, BS  
 Alvin Gatimu Alvin Gatimu, PhD  Structure-property relationships in oxides containing select platinum group metals 
 Caitlin Griffin Caitlin Griffin, BS  
Peng Jiang Peng Jiang, PhD Structure-property relationships of oxides with hexagonal AMO₃ and brownmillerite related structures 
Vorranutch Jieratum Vorranutch Jieratum, PhD Iron and copper chalcogenides : photovoltaic absorber candidates and YZrF₇ : a new upconversion host
 Jennifer King Jennifer King, BS  
 Joshua Laird Joshua Laird, BS  
Brent Mangum Brent Mangum, BS  
 Nicole Martin Nicole Martin, BS  
 Abigail Michel Abigail Michel, BS  
 Amy Mitschele  Amy Mitschele, BS  
 Jason Nikkel  Jason Nikkel, BS  
 Erica Nuth  Erica Nuth, BS  
 Clark Peterson Clark Peterson, BS  
William Ping  William Ping, BS  
Benjamin Place Benjamin Place, PhD Analytical method development for the identification, detection, and quantification of emerging environmental contaminants in complex matrices
 Martin Precek Martin Precek, PhD The kinetic and radiolytic aspects of control of the redox speciation of neptunium in solutions of nitric acid  
Jordan Reaksecker  Jordan Reaksecker, BS   
 Bryan Rogers Bryan Rogers, BS   
Ben Rose Ben Rose, BS  
Jenna Schardt Jenna Schardt, BS  
 Richard Scott Richard Scott, BS   
 Nathan Stephon Nathan Stephon, BS   
 Matthew Stolt  Matthew Stolt, BS  
Khomson Suttisintong Khomson Suttisintong, PhD Studies toward the total synthesis of sanglifehrin A
 Xinran Tan Xinran Tan, BS   
Vo-vu Tran Vo-vu Tran, BS  
 Denise Williams Denise Williams, BS   
 Arsalan Zolfaghari Arsalan Zolfaghari, BS   
Not Pictured: Michael Brown, George Burgess, Malachi Duncan, Brian Eckelman, Dustan Gumaer, Bret Hartsfield, Dee Hawes, Narumol Jariyasopit, Michael John, Maggie Liu, Subham Mahapatra, Carlos Manzano, Shelby Paulson, Matthew Pierce, Daniel Pierson, Scott Pittman, Michael Savin, Dong Su