Photo Name Thesis Title
Mike Adamic

 Michael Adamic, BS

Brad Brookhart Brad Brookhart, BS  
Valeriya Bychkova Valeriya Bychkova, PhD   Polymeric submicron optical ion-selective sensors
Stephen Christy  Stephen Christy, BS  
Alaina Ferrall Alaina Ferrall, BS   
Mandi Garcia Mandi Garcia, BS   
 Colin Harthcock Colin Harthcock, MS   Zero kinetic energy photoelectron spectroscopy of triphenylene
 Randall Herron  Randall Herron, BS  
 Ally Hoffman  Alexandra Hoffman, BS  
Somnath Jana  Somnath Jana, PhD  Studies toward the total synthesis of (+)-providencin
 Lief Kessel  Lief Kessell, BS  
 Tae-Hyeong Kim Tae-Hyeong Kim, PhD   Organic-solvent resistant ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membrane modules for separation and purification of nanoparticles
 Christopher Knutson  Christopher Knutson, PhD The chemistry and device applications of amorphous thin-film interfaces
 Yang Li Yang Li, PhD Tandem intramolecular photocycloaddition-retro-Mannich fragmentation as a route to indole and oxindole
 Tosapol Maluangnont Tosapol Maluangont, PhD  Novel ternary graphite intercalation compounds of alkali metal cations and amines
 Diane Marles  Diane Marles, BS  
 Daniel Milbrat  Daniel Milbrat, BS  
 Evan Miller Evan Miller, BS   
 Sean Muir  Sean Muir, PhD  Structure-property relationships of layered oxypnictides
 Jennifer Muong Jennifer Muong, BS  
 Omran Muslin Omran Muslin, BS  
 James O'Neil James O'Nel, BS   
 Theodore Perry Theodore Perry, BS   
 Jeffrey Porter  Jeffrey Porter, BS  
 Derek Rau  Derek Rau, BS  
 Jonathan Rogers  Jonathan Rogers, BS  
 Sardar Sardori  Sardar Sardari, BS  
 Natasha Selvey  Natasha Selvey, BS  
 Courtney Tanabe Courtney Tanabe, BS   
Alan Telecky Alan Telecky, PhD Photoresist and ion-exchange chemistry of HafSOx
Sarah Tscheu Sarah Tscheu, BS  
Lindsay Wagner Lindsay Wagner, BS  
Jing Wang Jing Wang, PhD Chemical labeling methods and mass spectrometry of mitochondrial thiol proteomes
Corey Wright Corey Wright, BS  
Not Pictured: Samuel Bartlett, Sharon Betterton, Andrew Blackburne, Heather Brown, Trevor Chart, Esha Chatterjee, James Eilertsen, Christopher Emerson, Kathryn Hawks, Peter Jenson, Rajan Juniku, Kyoungyim Lee, Timothy McCabe, Duy Nquyen, Natalia Pylypiak, Theeranun Siritanon, Brendan Williams