Photo Name Thesis Title
Alia Beyer Alia Beyer, BS  
Brittany Breshears Brittany Breshears, BS  
Whitney Byrd Whitney Byrd, BS  
Han Ling Chan Han Ling Chan, BS  
Yun-Soo Chung Yun-Soo Chung, BS  
Luke Costello Luke Costello  
Julie Danham Julie Denham, BS  
Darrin Flannigan Darrin Flannigan, BS  
 Fangyuan Han  Fangyuan Han, MS  Excited state molecular structural evolution and chemical reactivity studied by femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy 
 Kenan Heppe  Kenan Heppe, BS  
 Jamie James Jamie James, BS   
 Robert Johnson  Robert Johnson, BS  
 Kevin Kirkemo  Kevin Kirkemo, BS  
 Sydney Levings Sydney Levings, BS   
 Yu-Chu Lin  Yu-Chu Lin, BS  
 John Miles

 John Miles, BS

 Paul Munson  Paul Munson, BS  
 Jintana Nammoonnoy Jintana Nammoonnoy, PhD   A photoactivable microfluidic device for heavy metal ion extraction 
 Adam Perry Adam Perry, BS   
 Michelle Romero  Michelle Romero, BS  
 Nick Rosson  Nick Rosson, BS  
 Theeranun Siritanon  Theeranun Siritanon, PhD  Structure-property relationships in oxides containing tellurium 
Chii-Len Sun Chii-Len Sun, BS  
 Barry Vomocil  Barry Vomocil, BS  
 Brianna Wang Brianna Wang, BS   
Wei Wang Wei Wang, MS Fabrication of CuInGaSe₂ thin film solar cells using low-cost air-stable inks 
 Ken White Ken White, BS   
 Andrew Willeford  Andrew Willeford, BS  
 Jeff Wyant  Jeff Wyant, BS  
 Matthew Yong  Matthew Yong, BS  
Not Pictured: Morgan Ferguson, Leah Gonzales, Diane Henriot, Michael Kim, Robynne Kirkpatrick, Matthew Lewis, Brent Matteson, Michael Naffziger, Annette Richard, Mathukorn Sanwanich, Scott Sell, Chii-Lien Sun