Photo Name Thesis Title
David Bloudek David Bloudek, BS  
Colby Burns Colby Burns, BS  
Michael Caputo Michael Caputo, BS  
 Gabe Carrick Gabe Carrick, BS   
 Nathan Chin Nathan Chin, BS   
 Abby Floeter  Abby Floeter, BS  
 Matthew Frogner Matthew Frogner, BS   
 Alexey Gilman Alexey Gilman, BS   
 Jenaya Hoffman  Jenaya Hoffman, BS  
 Kai Jiang  Kai Jiang, PhD  New luminescent materials and high-performance solution-processed oxide thin films
 Marissa Katz  Marissa Katz, BS  
 Daniel Keefe  Daniel Keefe, BS  
 Corey Koch  Corey Koch, PhD  Micro total analysis system for in-situ and autonomous spectrophotometric monitoring of iron in groundwater
 Liang Lu  Liang Lu, PhD  Part I: Synthetic studies toward the southern portion of Azaspiracid-1; Part II: Total synthesis of amphidinolide B₁ and the proposed structure of amphidinolide B₂
 Jason Lusk  Jason Lusk, BS  
 Brent Matteson  Brent Matteson, PhD  The chemistry of acetohydroxamic acid related to nuclear fuel reprocessing
 Shane Monares Shane Monares, BS   
 Nicole Newcomb  Nicole Newcomb, BS  
 Justin Pierson  Justin Pierson, BS  
 Joseph Price  Jospeh Price, BS  
 Caitlin Rering Caitlin Rering, BS   
 Johanna Schwartz  Johanna Schwartz, PhD  Expanding the scope of a Diels-Alder approach to biaryl synthesis
 Keith Schwartz  Keith Schwartz, PhD  Studies towards the total syntheses of (+)-phomactins A, D and G
 Jacquelyn Sesler  Jacquelyn Sesler  
 Andrew Smith Andrew Smith, PhD   Functional transition metal oxides : structure-property relationships
Todd Stuhr   Todd Stuhr, BS  
 Evan Styduhar  Evan Styduhar, BS  
 Yolanda Tennico  Yolanda Tennico, PhD  Magnetic particles for selective extraction of trace analytes in microfluidic devices
 Jeremy Unrau  Jeremy Unrau, BS  
Kelsie Warner Kelsie Warner, BS  
Kristopher Wright Kristofer Wright, BS  
 Jie Zhang Jie Zhang, PhD   Zero kinetic energy photoelectron spectroscopy of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 
Anne Zimmerman Anne Zimmerman, BS  
Not Pictured: Brian Barley, John Beckerman, Tristan Brunscheon, Erik Carlson, Juan Chavez, Emily Dascomb, Katherine Fordyce, Blake Gerttula, Basant Giri, Jacob Greber, Lei Guo, Nicole Jones, Damien Kuiper, Jamie Muong, Jessica Murray, Heather Platt, Jeremy Unrua, Jianyong Wu, Ripley Yates