Photo Name Thesis Title
Sarah Bissonnette Sarah Bissonnette, BS  
Joachim Bowles Joachim Bowles, BS  
Samuel Brady Samuel Brady, BS  
Katie Fordyce Katie Fordyce, MS  
Ashley Fullerton Ashley Fullerton, BS  
Heath Giesbrecht Heath Giesbrecht, MS Broadening the scope of the modified-Julia reaction : a mild and stereoselective method for the synthesis of (Z)-configurated α,β-unsaturated lactones 
Jeremy Gunderson Jeremy Gunderson, MS  
Yan Hu Yan Hu, MS  Determination of ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfate as human biomarkers of alcohol exposure in urine by liquid chromatography/electrospray tandem mass spectrometry with large volume injection
Jeremiah Kelley Jeremiah Kelley, BS   
 Myra Koesdjojo  Myra Koesdjojo, PhD  Fabrication and application of polymer based microfluidic devices
 John Melbardis John Melbardis, MS   Total synthesis of sparteine alkaloids from a common tetraoxobispidine intermediate
 Selena Millicevic  Selena Milicevic, PhD Atropisomeric 8,8'-biquinolyl derivatives : synthesis, properties and applications 
 Jamie Muong  Jamie Muong, BS  
 Jessica Murray Jessica Murray, BS   
 Monica Neely Monica Neely, BS   
 Paul Newhouse  Paul Newhouse, PhD Growth and characterization of wide–gap semiconducting oxide and chalcogenide thin films by pulsed laser deposition 
 Nicolette O'Donnell  Nicolette O'Donnell  
 Hasini Perera  Hasini Perera, PhD  Galvanostatic control of ion selective electrodes with the solvent polymeric membrane
 Caitlin Phillips  Caitlin Phillips, BS  
 Addison Rutter  Addison Rutter, BS  
 Mark Sephton  Mark Sephton, PhD  Synthesis of novel ambifunctional atropisomeric 2,2',6,6'-tetrasubstituted biphenyls and investigation of their properties and organocatalytic activity
 Adam Silbernagel Adam Silbernagel, BS   
Nicole Tanguileg  Nicole Tanguileg, BS   
 Ben Traucher  Ben Traucher, BS  
 Eric Titus  Eric Titus, BS  
 Charlotte Wright Charlotte Wright, BS   
Not Pictured: Nicholas Boyles, Aurea Chiaia, Susan Genualdi, Valerie Harnish, Yuki Imaizumi, Sam Mackay, Matthew Martin, Stephen Meyers, Alaina Reike, Christopher Schmitz, Jason Stowers, Wen Tong, Ji Yi