Photo Name Thesis Title
 Jeremy Anderson  Jeremy Anderson, PhD Luminescent sulfides and solution-deposited oxide thin films  
 Brad Ashburn  Brad Ashburn, PhD A Diels-Alder approach to biaryl synthesis 
Nicole Baker Nicole Baker, BS  
 Ben Bythell Ben Bythell, PhD  Gas-phase fragmentation chemistry of protonated peptide ions
 Defne Cakin Defne Cakne, PhD   Design, characterization, and application of spectrometers for determination of low-level dissolved oxygen with small-volume sampling methodology
 Noah Cannoy  Noah Cannoy, BS  
 Gretchen Clark-Scannell  Gretchen Clark-Scannell, MS  
 Lia DiBase Murty  Lia DiBase Murty, BS  
 Jeff Eitner  Jeff Eitner, BS  
 George Ganio  George Ganio, BS  
 Carlos Gonzalez  Carlos Gonzalez, PhD From electrophoresis to dielectrophoresis: designing, fabricating, and evaluating an electroformed ratchet type microfluidic dielectrophoresis device 
 Kurt Heisel  Kurt Heisel, BS  
 Peter Hersh  Peter Hersh, PhD Wide band gap semiconductors and insulators : synthesis, processing and characterization
 Yu-Chieh Hsueh Yu-Chieh Hsueh, MS   
 Dana Hutanu  Dana Hutanu, PhD Synthesis and characterization of novel stationary phases for small scale liquid chromatographic separations of proteins and nanoparticles 
 Carl Isaacson Carl Isaacson, PhD   Quantitative determination of emerging contaminants, solvent stabilizers and fullerene nanomaterials, in biological and environmental systems
 Narumol Jariyasopit  Narumol Jariyasopit, BS  
 Kaleb Jentzsh Kaleb Jentzsh, BS   
 Jao-Young Jeong Jao-Young Jeong, PhD  High quantum-yield phosphors via quantum splitting and upconversion
 Hong Ji Hong Ji, PhD   Development of fragmentation techniques in mass spectrometry for biological applications
 Keelia Johnston  Keelia Johnston, BS  
 Watcharee Katinonkul  Watcharee Katinonkul, PhD Graphite intercalation compounds containing fluoroanions 
Andrew Kiemnec  Andrew Kiemnec, BS   
 Brian Knight Brian Knight, BS   
 Nicole Kurhanewicz Nicole Kurhanewicz, BS   
 Douglas Malcolm Douglas Malcolm, BS   
Brent Matteson Brent Matteson, MS The chemistry of acetohydroxamic acid related to nuclear fuel reprocessing 
 Mallory McAfee  Mallory McAfee, BS  
 Kelly McDonald  Kelly McDonald, BS  
 Maryam Moussaoui Maryam Moussaoui, BS   
Radhika Naik Radhika Naik, PhD  Studying fusion reactions for effect of PCN on heavy nucleus formation and for nuclear structure effects
James Neeway James Neeway, MS  
 Mariko Nonogaki  Mariko Nonogaki, BS  
David Ohm David Ohm, BS  
Bahar Ozmen Bahar Ozmen, MS  Solution deposition and characterization of the thin film inorganic materials
Toby Primbs Toby Primbs, PhD Trans-Pacific and regional atmospheric transport of anthropogenic semivolatile organic compounds in the western U.S. 
 Amber Robinson  Amber Robinson, BS  
Jack Rundell Jack Rundel, PhD  Design, fabrication and application of a microfluidic nanofiltration module for separation and purification of macromolecules and nanoparticles
Jill Schrlau Jill Schrlau, MS  Comparison between lichen, conifer needles, resin-based passive air sampling devices (PASDs), and snow to monitor semi-volatile organic compounds (SOCs) in the atmosphere
Katherine Scriven Katherine Scriven, BS  
Chad Teters Chad Teters, MS  The transient electric birefringence of nanomaterials: alignment mechanism, characterization, and its application towards aligned polymer nanocomposites
Brian Theobald Brian Theobald, BS  
Tyler Tokich Tyler Tokich, BS  
Dustin Welch Dustin Welch, BS  
Jeff Wong Jeff Wong, BS  
Sam Zeng Xia Sam Zeng, PhD  Development, validation and the application of a congener specific photodegradation model for PBDEs
Not Pictured: Sarah Bierly, Sarah Furrer, Rachel Huber, Nicole Kurhanewicz, Brian Leima