Photo Name Thesis Title
James Abbott James Abbott, PhD  Polarization spectroscopy and photodissociation studies of nitroaromatic compounds in the gas phase
Luke Ackerman Luke Ackerman, PhD  Analysis of semi-volatile organic contaminants and their accumulation in remote aquatic ecosystems of the western US
Joshua Albus Joshua Albus, BS  
Britta Anderson Britta Anderson, BS  
Nita Birdsong Nita Birdsong, BS  
Bin Cao Bin Cao, MS  
Marcus Chiodo Marcus Chiodo, BS  
Chandra Corley Chandra Corley, BS  
Andrew Dunatchik Andrew Dunatchik, BS  
Ian Elliot Ian Elliot, BS  
Grant Farr Grant Farr, BS  
Katherine Fordyce Katherine Fordyce, BS  
Brianna Gentry Brianna Gentry, BS  
Stefanie Gibson Stefanie Gibson, BS  
Elizabeth Haggstrom Elizabeth Haggstrom, BS  
Aryanto Herlambang Aryanto Herlambang, BS  
Lonnie Hetschal Lonnie Hetschal, BS  
Carin Huset Ness Carin Huset Ness, PhD  Determination of fluorochemicals in waste-dominated aqueous systems
Matthew Jones Matthew Jones, BS  
Abigail Joyce Abigail Joyce, BS  
Eric Korf Eric Korf, PhD  Studies toward the synthesis of halichlorine and pinnaic acid
Edgar Lee Edgar Lee, MS  
Tae Hee Lee Tae Hee Lee, PhD Total synthesis of phorboxazole A
Yuelong Ma Yuelong Ma, MS Synthetic studies on indolic enamide natural products: 1. Total syntheses of coscinamide A, concinamide B and igzamide: 2. Synthetic studies towards the synthesis of halocyamine B 
Elizabeth Poore Elizabeth Poore, BS  
 Preston Skaggs  Preston Skaggs, BS  
Helmars Smits Helmars Smits, PhD Studies towards the total synthesis of (-)-kendomycin 
 Tyler Steinke  Tyler Steinke, BS  
 Kaleb Stinger  Kaleb Stinger, BS  
 Melinda Stoelk  Melinda Stoelk, BS  
 Tsoek-Hung (Tony) Tong  Tsoek-Hung (Tony) Tong, BS  
 Sorasaree Tonsiengsom  Sorasaree Tonsiengsom, PhD Studies toward the total synthesis of alkaloids : nagelamide A and D, agelastatin D, dragmacidin A-C, salacin and almazoles 
 Sascha Usenko  Sascha Usenko, PhD  Tracking semi-volatile organic pollutants in remote lake systems
 Wesley Williams  Wesley Williams, BS  
 Shannon Williamson  Shannon Williamson, BS  
 Liecong Zhen  Liecong Zhen, BS  
Not pictured: Laura Christ, Ryan Link Cole, Keegan Duff, Kendal Dutcher, Adam Harney, Paul Heflinger, Nicole Howell, Spencer Huff, Andy Larkin, Arkadiusz Piekarz, Jason Warkentin