Photo Name Thesis Title
William Adrian William Adrian, BS  
Jesse Allen Jesse Allen, BS  
Robert Alumbaugh Robert Alumbaugh, MS Measuring in situ biotransformation in BTEX-contaminated groundwater  
Jennifer Braucht Jennifer Braucht, BS  
David Burford David Burford, BS  
Raymond Carl Raymond Carl, BS  
Aurea Chaiai Aurea Chiaia, BS  
David Chan David Chan, BS  
David Crawford David Crawford, BS  
Elliot Ennis Elliot Ennis, MS Fluorinated and deuterated surrogates for quantifying microbial transformation of chlorinated ethenes and ethanes in anaerobic groundwater 
Jeremy Gersztyn Jeremy Gersztyn, BS  
Tiffany Graville Tiffany Graville, BS  
Kyle Hanson Kyle Hanson, BS  
 Brandon James  Brandon James, BS  
 Ryan Kanter  Ryan Kanter, BS  
 Stephen Meyers  Stephen Meyers, MS Aqueous chemistries for oxide electronics 
 Tuan Minh Nguyen  Tuan Minh Nguyen, BS  
 Kim Pak  Kim Pak, BS  
 Troy Pittenger  Troy Pittenger, BS  
 Heather Platt  Heather A.S. Platt, MS Copper and iron chalcogenides for efficient solar absorption 
 Karen Radakovich  Karen Radakovich, PhD  Quantifying in situ β-glucosidase and phosphatase activity in groundwater 
 Sundara Rector  Sundara Rector, BS  
 Kirk Rensmeyer  Kirk Rensmeyer, BS  
 Danielle Robitelle  Danielle Robitelle, MS  
 Peter Ruiz-Haas  Peter Ruiz-Haas, PhD  Monitoring redox conditions with redox indicators during microbial reductive dechlorination in microcosms and bioaugmented columns
 Rebecca Schutz  Rebecca Schutz, BS  
 Anthony Scott  Anthony Scott, MS  
 Michael Shoemaker  Michael Shoemaker, MS  
Rashelle Simmons Rashelle Simmons, BS  
Melialani Stone Melialani Stone, BS  
Jason Stowers Jason Stowers, MS  Direct patterning of solution deposited metal oxides
Jeffrey Tengwall Jeffrey Tengwall, BS  
Yolanda Tennico Yolanda Tennico, MS  Development of materials and devices for separation of polyamido[a]mine dendrimers
 Jeffrey Torgerson  Jeffrey Torgerson, BS  
 Daniel Tremblay  Daniel Tremblay, BS  
 Jeremy Turner  Jeremy Turner, BS  
 Mollie Waller  Mollie Waller, BS  
 Guoqiang Wang  Guoqiang Wang, PhD  Studies towards the total synthesis of (-)-gymnodimine
 Judy Wang  Judy (Yunzhu) Wang, MS Analysis of semi-volatile organic compounds in high elevation lake sediments  
 Amanda Wilson  Amanda Wilson, BS  
 Wei Zhang  Wei Zhang, PhD  Synthetic studies toward the total synthesis of amphidinolide B₁
Not Pictured: Sarah Bassett, Kimberly Demorrow, Kelley Dick, John Dollhausen, David Hartmann, Rebecca McElroy, Elizabeth Spree, Jonathan Van Dyke, Zhongliang Huang