Photo Name Thesis Title
Amy Chan Amy Chan, BS  
Stacey Clark Stacey Clark, PhD RNA and DNA aptamers as affinity stationary phases for liquid chromatography and capillary electrochromatography  
Angela Doneanu Angela Doneanu, PhD Monolithic sorbents for microscale separations 
Benjamin Figard Benjamin Figard, MS The analysis of haloethylenes using Resonance Electron Capture - Mass Spectromety and data analysis software  
Rachelle Hasson Rachelle Hasson, BS  
Yonggang He Yonggang He, PhD Electronic spectroscopy of biological relevant species and their complexes with solvent molecules 
Sulistiono Herlambang Sulistiono Herlambang, BS  
Michael Hruschka Michael Hruschka, PhD  A new trigonal huntite material and subgroup relationships between crystallographic space groups
Rajan Juniku Rajan Juniku,  MS  Designing chiral rhenium (VII) trioxo complexes
Joel Klein Joel Klein, BS  
Christopher Koyoma Christopher Koyama, BS  
Laura Lessard Laura Lessard, MS  Employing capillary electrophoresis as a separation method for pharmaceutical analysis
Jun Li Jun Li, PhD  Synthesis, structure and properties of some transition metal oxides
Christopher Lincoln Christopher Lincoln, PhD Asymmetric synthesis of cyclopropanes via a "zipper reaction"  
Jessica McElravy Jessica McElravy, BS  
Eli Moore Eli Moore, BS  
Rana Nishikawa Rana Nishikawa, BS  
Cheol-Hee Park Cheol-Hee Park, PhD Synthesis and study of transparent p- and n-type semiconductors and luminescent materials 
 Nilesh Patel  Nilesh Patel, BS  
 Spencer Porter  Spencer Porter, BS  
 Melissa Schultz  Melissa Schultz, PhD  Determination of fluorinated alkyl substances in aqueous systems
 Ty Serrill  Ty Serrill, BS  
 Nathan Starr  Nathan Starr, BS  
Amber Taylor   Amber Taylor, BS  
 Kristi Tompkins  Kristi Tompkins, BS  
 Darlene Valencia  Darlene Valencia, BS  
 Katherine Van Wormer  Katherine Van Wormer, BS  
 Cynthia Villwock  Cynthia Villwock, MS  
Biagio Virde Biagio Virde, BS  
Andrea Voorhees Andrea Voorhees, BS  
Wei Yan Wei Yan, PhD Synthesis, characterization, and structural modeling of graphite intercalation compounds with fluoroanions
Not Pictured: Nathan Bonn-Savage, Jordan Boutilier, Joel Burchfiel, Erika Condos, Michael Donnelly, Absar Faruqui, Abdul Hackim, Gerrick Lindberg, Luke O'Rourke, Kurt Sundermann