Photo Name Thesis Title
Mark Abel Mark Abel, BS  
Natalya Azadeh Natalya Azadeh, BS  
Theresa Berger Theresa Berger, BS  
Sara Breitenbach Sara Breitenbach, BS  
Kasey Carlson Kasey Carlson, BS  
John Frieh John Frieh, BS  
Susan Gino Susan Gino, BS  
Michael Herndon Michael Herndon, BS  
Ryan Holcomb Ryan Holcomb, BS  
Chris Holm Chris Holm, BS  
Mohammad Khasawneh Mohammad Khasawneh, PhD Natural and semi-synthetic compounds with biocidal activity against arthropods of public health importance
Kriangsak Khownium Kriangsak Khownium, MS Direct atom transfer vs. ring expansion in reaction of rhenium oxo complexes with cyclooctene epoxides and episulfides
Robert Killin Robert Killin, MS Atmospheric transport of anthropogenic semi-volatile organic compounds to the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State
Punlop Kuntiyong Punlop Kuntiyong, PhD Studies toward the total synthesis of phorboxazole A
George Law Gerorge Law, PhD Surface composition and orientation of room temperature ionic liquids
Nickolas Lockard Nickolas Lockard, BS  
Jan Napack Jan Napack, MS  
Josh Pan Yung-Wei (Josh) Pan, BS  
Rebecca Parker Rebecca Parker, BS  
Nicholas Sabrowski Nicholas Sabrowski, BS  
Sundaram Shanmugham Sundaram Shanmugham, PhD Synthesis of furanoeremophilane sesquiterpenoids
Martha Staples Martha Staples, PhD Proteomic approach to the analysis of DNA-binding proteins using mass spectrometry
Takashi Suyama Takashi Suyama, BS  
John Yan John Yan, BS  
Not Pictured: Nanako Ogi, Elizabeth Camp, Heather McNichols, Daniel Olson, Sarah Robinson, Kristi Haataja, Darrell Ziemski