Photo Name Thesis Title
Scott Allen Scott Allen, PhD Active site studies and design of ligands for affinity column separation of 2,5-dihydroxyacetanilide epoxidase (DHAE) I and II 
Anthony Atha Anthony Atha, BS  
Jeffrey Barber Jeffrey Barber, PhD  High resolution spectroscopic studies of ³²S¹⁶O₃ and ³⁴S¹⁶O₃
Jeffrey Bilyeu Jeffrey Bilyeu, BS  
 Brian Blair Brian Blair, BS   
 Eric Brown  Eric Brown, PhD  Rhenium-catalyzed oxygen-atom transfer reactions : mechanism and applications
 Man Ling Chiu  Man Ling Chiu, BS  
 Younggi Choi  Younggi Choi, PhD  Total synthesis of indole alkaloids: pt. 1. Asymmetric synthesis of (-)-ibogamine. pt. 2. An approach toward the synthesis of koumine
 Steven Cruickshank  Steven Cruickshank, BS  
 Catalin Doneanu  Catalin Doneanu, PhD Mass spectrometric analysis of UV-crosslinked protein-nucleic acid complexes 
 Szabolcs Farkas  Szabolcs Farkas, BS  
 Kimberly Hageman  Kimberly Hageman, PhD  Measuring in situ reductive dechlorination rates in trichloroethene-contaminated groundwater
 Joshua Hansen  Joshua Hansen, PhD  Total synthesis of (-)-7-epicylindrospermopsin
 Jessie Hartford Jessie Hartford, BS   
 Machinao Hashimoto  Michinao Hashimoto, BS  
 Adam Hendy  Adam Hendy, BS  
 Christian Ion  Christian Ion, BS  
 Rebecca Locke  Rebecca Locke, BS  
 Anthony Masiello Anthony Masiello, PhD   High resolution spectroscopy of sulfur trioxide and carbon suboxide
Nicola Maynard   Nicola Maynard, BS  
 Melissa McEwan  Melissa McEwan, BS  
 Stephanie Melin  Stephanie Melin, MS  Applications of nonlinear raman spectroscopy
 April Mixon  April Mixon, MS  Mass spectrometric analysis of bovine neurofilament proteins NF-L, NF-M, and NF-H : peptide mapping, phosphorylation and alkylation site identification
 Sangmoon Park Sangmoon Park, PhD   Synthesis and study of oxides and chalcogenides : thin films and crystals 
 Sanchai Prayoonpokarach  Sanchai Prayoonpokarach, PhD  Development and evaluation of sampling techniques, instrumentation, and pyridine derivative reagents for fluorometric determination of chloroform and TCE in water with a portable fluorometer
 Jason Schindler  Jason Schindler, BS  
 Emily Simpson  Emily Simpson, BS  
 Justin Staggs  Justin Staggs, MS  
Ju-Zhou Tao Ju-Zhou Tao, PhD Theory of negative thermal expansion 
Denay Tubbs Denay Tubbs, BS  
Karmin Williams Karmin Williams, BS  
Machiventa Wisdom Machiventa Wisdom, BS  
Xiumei Xun Xiumei Xun, PhD  Synthesis and structure of new transition metal containing bismuth oxides
Yuan Zhang Yuan (Heidi) Zhang, PhD Mass spectrometric analysis of proteins and peptides : elucidation of the folding pathways of recombinant human macrophage colony stimulating factor beta 
Not Pictured: Anthony Tavoloni Jr.