Photo Name Thesis Title
Lindsay Bader Lindsey Bader, BS  
Ana Barrios Ana Barrios, PhD  Studies on nitrogen containing secondary metabolites from terrestrial and marine origin
Rebecca Bliesner Rebecca Bliesner, PhD  Synthesis and structural determination of alkali and alkaline earth metal containing bismuth vanadates
Gerardo Camoriano Nolasco Gerardo Camoriano Nolasco, BS  
Kevin Cantrell Kevin Cantrell, PhD  The development and characterization of miniature spectrometers for measuring the redox status of environmental samples
Brian Chan Brian Chan, BS  
Gabriela Chirica Gabriela Chirica, PhD Novel monolithic columns for microscale liquid chromatography and capillary electrochromatography 
Pitak Chuawong Pitak Chuawong, MS Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of rhenium dithiodiolate and monothiodiolate complexes 
Derek Hammill Derek Hammill, BS  
Robert Kovacich Robert Kovacich, MS  
Robert Mills Robert Mills, BS  
 Xianzhao Peng  Xianzhao Peng, PhD Threshold ionization spectroscopy of metal clusters and metal-ligand complexes 
 Matthew Reeves  Matthew Reeves, BS  
 Dominik Reusser  Dominik Reusser, MS  In situ transformation of toluene and xylene to benzylsuccinic acid analogs in contaminated groundwater
 Bradford Root  Bradford Root, BS  
 Jennifer Stone  Jennifer Stone, PhD  A contribution to the development of wide band-gap nonlinear optical and laser materials
 Nipaka Sukpirom Nipaka Sukpirom, PhD   Intercalation, exfoliation, and nanocomposites of layered inorganic compounds
 Xiumei Xun  Xiumei Xun, MS  Synthesis and structure of new transition metal containing bismuth oxides
 Fedor Zhuravlev  Fedor Zhuravlev  Mechanistic studies on Re(V) mediated C-O bond transformations
Not Pictured: James Abbot, Kevin Weise, Simeon Andrews, Illanya Strauss