Photo Name Thesis Title
Tammy Amos Tammy Amos, PhD  Negative thermal expansion in AOMO₄ compounds
Rigel Barlow Rigel Barlow, BS  
Engelene Chrysostom Engelene Chrysostom, PhD Applications of high resolution Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman scattering spectroscopy 
Benjamen Clark Benjamen Clark, PhD Electroluminescent and photoluminescent phosphor development and a facile approach to synthesis of refractory silicates at low temperatures 
Matt Cranswick Matt Cranswick, BS  
Jelena Dacres Jelena Dacres, PhD Delocalization in cationic, carbene, and radical intermediates in some bridged polycyclic systems 
Kezia Emerald Kezia Emerald, MS  
Nicole Hayes Nicole Hayes, BS  
Jeff Hunker Jeff Hunker, BS  
 Michael Jackson  Michael Jackson, PhD Advanced studies on the biosynthesis of the streptolidine moiety of streptothricin F 
 Jungchul Kim  Jungchul Kim, PhD  Natural product synthesis via cyclobutanes : part I, Asymmetric synthesis of (+)-byssochlamic acid, part II, An approach to the nootropic agent huperzine A
 Moo Young Kim  Moo Young Kim, PhD  Mass spectrometric studies on peptides and proteins : conformations of Escherichia coli Thioredoxin and its alkylated adducts studied by hydrogen/deuterium exchange and HPLC-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
 Josh Moentenich  Josh Moentenich, BS  
 Pavel Nagornyy  Pavel Nagornyy, BS  
 Candis Pike Candis Pike, MS   
 Lonnie Robarge  Lonnie Robarge, PhD  Synthesis of marine natural products. part I, Cryptophycins-1, -3, -4, -24, and -29, part II, Polycavernoside A
 Hartono Saputra  Hartono Saputra, BS  
 Pat Vallano  Pat Vallano, PhD  Novel approaches to enhancing selectivity and efficiency in microscale liquid chromatography
 Nicolae Vulpanovici  Nicolae Vulpanovici, PhD  
Not Pictured: Peter Hersch, Rebecca Medina, David Volkov