Photo Name Thesis Title
Laura Anderson Laura Anderson, BS  
Faron Anslow Faron Anslow, BS  
Karen Castle

Karen Castle, PhD

Photochemistry of molecules oriented with a uniform electric field 
Hue Chau Hue (Michelle) Chau, BS  
Thomas Gannon Thomas Gannon, PhD Time-of-flight scattering and recoil spectrometry (TOF-SARS) applied to molecular liquid surfaces : a new approach to surface composition and orientation
John Hefley John Hefley, BS  
Rebekah Hoerauf Rebekah Hoerauf, BS  
Daisy Hubbard Daisy Hubbard, BS  
Christopher James Christopher James, BS  
Kameyo Johnson Kameyo Johnson, BS  
Luke Lavis Luke Lavis, BS  
Chyi-Shiun Li Chyi-Shiun Li, MS Radiation effects in III-V compound semiconductor heterostructure devices
Brian Logue Brian Logue, PhD The role of iron-oxides in U(VI) adsorption and the kinetics of contaminant organic reduction
Margaret Martens Margaret Martens, MS  
Cheryl Moody-Bartel Cheryl Moody-Bartel, PhD Occurrence and distribution of perfluorinated surfactants in groundwater contaminated by fire-fighting activity
Stephanie Ness Stephanie Ness, MS Evidence for a stepwise mechanism in the cycloreversion of rhenium diolates
Sanchai Prayoonpokarach Sanchai Prayoonpokarach, MS Evaluation of sampling/preconcentration techniques and pyridine derivative reagents for fluorometric determination of chloroform and TCE in water
Andrew Ramage Andrew Ramage, BS  
Evan Rougeux Evan Rougeux, BS  
Kristiana Zyromski Kristiana (Lissa) Zyromski, PhD Fusion enhancement with neutron-rich radioactive beams
Not pictured: Scott Dobson, Lisa Stephenson