Photo Name Thesis Title
Timothy Balts Timothy Balts, BS  
Jeremiah Bishop Jeremiah Bishop, BS  
Nick Drapela Nick Drapela, PhD Synthetic studies of nonadrides 
Jeffrey Hahne Jeffrey Hahne, MS  High-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of CO₂ and other small molecules
Melissa Harrington Melissa Harrington, BS  
Sze Ho Sze Ho, BS  
 Peter Hrnciar  Peter Hrnciar, PhD  Synthetic studies on alkaloids : part I; asymmetric synthesis of (±) codeine. Formal synthesis of (±) morphine : part II; a unified asymetric approach toward synthesis of polyhydroxylated pyrrolizidine alkaloids, australine and alexine
 Claire Hughes  Claire Hughes, MS  
 Ravi Krishnamurthy  Ravi Krishnamuthy, MS  
 Dong-Keun Lee Dong-Keun Lee, MS   
 Gregory Lean

 Gregory Less, BS

 Dong Li  Dong Li, PhD Phosphor development : synthesis, characterization, and chromatic control 
 Giang Ma  Giang Ma, BS  
 Daniel Magill Daniel Magill, BS   
 Sharon Maley Sharon Maley, PhD   
 Brett Michel  Brett Michel, BS  
 Ryan Moser  Ryan Moser, BS  
 Greg Peterson  Greg Peterson, PhD  Studies on new inorganic solid-state borates and oxoanion flourides
 Ngoc Lan Pham Ngoc Lan Pham, BS   
 Chanokporn Phaosiri Chanokporn Phaosiri, MS  Syntheses and evaluation of putative enzyme inhibitor of isoprenoid biosynthesis
 James Pugh  James Pugh, PhD The chemistry of selected carbene and radical ion intermediates 
 Michael Schaadt Michael Schaadt, BS   
 Shoroog Shunnag  Shoroog Shunnag, BS  
 Man Minh Tran Man Minh Tran, BS   
 Jan True Jan True, MS  Electronegativity of -SF₅, -CF₃SO₂, and -SO₂F mmeasured with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 
 Jim Tyser  Jim Tyser, MS  
 Adam Wolfer  Adam Wolfer, MS  Introductory college chemistry students' understanding of stoichiometry: connections between conceptual and computational understandings and instruction
 Qibo Zhang  Qibo Zhang, PhD  Advanced studies of blasticidin S biosynthesis
 Xuerong Zhang Xuerong Zhang, PhD   Synthesis and structural characterization of graphite intercalation compounds (GICs) 
Kristin Ziebart Kristin Ziebart, BS  
Not pictured: Zhenqiu Hong, Brian Jones, Daisy Peel, Ivana Radosavijevic, Christiane VanSchlun