Photo Name Thesis Title
Christopher Bires Christopher Bires, BS  
Ki-Seog Chang Ki-Seog Chang, PhD  New, complex group 13 borates : synthesis, structures, and properties
Michael Conway Michael Conway, BS  
Matthew Creswell Matthew Creswell, BS  
Paul Forster Paul Forster, BS  
Wen Xin Ke Wen Xin Ke, MS  Supercooling and kinetics of freezing of benzene clusters as studied by coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy
Marc Kirchmeier Marc Kirchmeier, PhD Purification of 2,5-dihydroxyacetanilide epoxidase and mechanism of hydroquinone epoxidases 
Carolyn Krueger Carolyn Krueger, PhD  Fate and transport of the surfactant linear alkylbenzenesulfonate in a sewage-contaminated aquifer
Paul Mazurkiewicz Paul Mazurkiewicz, PhD  Analysis of electrophilic compounds using an electron monochromator : mass spectrometer system
Adam McQueen Adam McQueen, BS  
Steve Meyer  Steve Mayer, PhD   Size estimates of molecular clusters using elastic light scattering and CARS spectroscopy
 Anthony Ocana  Anthony Ocana, BS  
 Mikhail Orlov  Mikhail Orlov, PhD  Vibration-rotational studies of isotopic variants of diatomic molecules
 Nadeja Orlove Nadeja Orlove, MS   Analytical methods for the study of migration of chloride ions in reinforced concrete under cathodic protection
 Mike Pawlowski  Mike Pawlowski, MS  
 Tadayon Pooya  Pooya Tadayon, PhD Determination of interfacial tension from optical measurements of nucleation rates 
 Sanjay Vancheeswaran Sanjay Vancheeswaran, MS   Abiotic and biological transformation of TBOS and TKEBS, and their role in the biological transformation of TCE and c-DCE
 Bingbing Wang  Bingbing Wang, MS Photochemistry of 6-alkenyl-2-cyclohexenones : synthetic studies towards precursors of ryanodol 
 Thomas Whitehead  Thomas Whitehead, BS  
 Darren Williams Darren Williams, PhD   High resolution infrared and Ab Initio studies of aluminum and beryllium borohydrides
Not pictured: Soren Coughlin-Glasser, Jeanette Hovermale, Jim LaMunuyon, Nadine Lee, Ying Yang