Photo Name

Thesis Title

L. Beaber L. Beaber, BS  
C. Boots C. Boots, BS  
T. Couch T. Couch, PhD The photodebromination of polybromobenzenes
M. Crew

M. Crew, PhD

High resolution ionization-detected simulated Raman spectroscopy
A. Diaz A. Diaz, PhD Fundamental structure-property relationships in luminescent materials
M. Hall M. Hall, PhD A search for new substrate materials for high temperature superconducting thin films
C. Herring C. Herring, PhD A new glow discharge detector for carbohydrates in aqueous chromatography
C. Hinrichs C. Hinrichs, BS  
M. Imoto M. Imoto, BS  
O. Kim O. Kim, PhD Mass spectrometric studies of peptides and proteins : probing structural elements and structural fluctuations in melittin and bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (BPTI) using amide H/D exchange and HPLC-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Y. Kwon Y. Kwon, BS  
P. Minarik P. Minarik, PhD Coherent anti-Stokes Raman studies of acetylene nanoclusters
R. Nafshun R. Nafshun, PhD The synthesis and characterization of novel materials for use in secondary lithium-ion batteries
J. Pilcher J. Pilcher, BS  
K. Ramachandran K. Ramachandran, MS Synthesis and characterization of novel materials for electrochemical devices
Z. Robinson Z. Robinson, BS  
J. Toofan J. Toofan, PhD Development of new data collection and analysis techniques for low energy electron diffraction and their application to the Mo(110)-p(2x2)-S and Al₂O₃ (0001) systems
K. Vandenberghe K. Vandenberghe, MS Solid state luminescent materials : new and improved
S. Wang S. Wang, PhD Synthetic studies on the macrolide antibiotic rutamycin B
D. Webber D. Webber, BS  
Not Pictured: E. Clark, J. Jones, A. Richardson, M. Thangararju, G. Tinseth, P. Woodward