Photo Name

Thesis Title

Abdullah Al-Kahtani Abdullah Al-Kahtani, PhD  High resolution spectroscopy of metal borohydrides
Susanna Baur Susanna Baur, MS  An atmospheric pressure glow discharge detector for capillary column gas chromatography
Mark Bos Mark Bos, MS Part I : development and application of an arsenic speciation technique using ion-exchange solid phase extraction coupled with GFAAS ; Part II : investigation of zinc amalgam as a reductant 
Scott Davis

Scott Davis, BS

Michael Gartman Michael Gartman, BS  
 Rebecca Hansing

Rebecca Hansing, BS 

 Brady Hodgson Brady Hodgson, BS   
 James Huynh  James Huynh, BS  
 Scott Jeffrey  Scott Jeffrey, PhD Synthetic studies n bioactive natural products. Part I, An approach towards the nootrophic agent huperzine A. Part II, Synthesis of the tricarbonyl subunit of rapamycin 
Nazy Khosrovani   Nazy Khosrovani, PhD Computer modeling of network flexibility and materials with negative thermal expansion
 Tae-Song Kim Tae-Seong Kim, PhD   Synthetic studies on natural products : Part I. The total synthesis of ±-euonyminol and ±-3,4-dideoxymaytol : Part II. The absolute configuration and enantioselective synthesis of curacin A
 Sum Yee Lai  Sum Yee Lai, BS  
 Kevin McKennon  Kevin McKennon, BS  
 Phong T. Nguyen  Phong T. Nguyen, PhD Chemistry and characterization of vanadyl phosphate catalysts  
 Chris Oriakhi Chris Oriakhi, PhD  Studies on the synthesis and characterization of polymer-containing nanocomposite materials 
 Karen Radakovich  Karen Radakovich, BS  
 Jason Reeves  Jason Reeves, BS  
 Steve Sloop  Steve Sloop, PhD  Synthesis and characterization of polymer electrolytes and related nanocomposites
 Greg Stephen-Hassard  Greg Stephen-Hassard, BS  
 Scott Truska  Scott Truska, PhD  Radical and related reactions of aromatic species
 Jun Ming Tu Jun Ming Tu, PhD  New alkali-metal and alkaline-earth metal borates : synthesis, crystal structures, and optical properties 
 Zhengwei Zhang Zhengwei Zhang, PhD  The electrochemical synthesis and characterization of graphite intercalation compounds and luminescent porous silicon
Not Pictured: Kim Aho, Paul Bacon, Mary Coville, Nathan Viengkham, Eric Watson, Zhubiao Zhu