Photo Name Thesis Title
Roger Adams Roger Adams, BS  
Annapoorna Akella Annapoorna Akella, PhD  Synthesis and characterization of new optical frequency converters and phosphor hosts
Joe Diehl Joe Diehl, BS  
Isaac Farr
Isaac Farr, BS
Kimberly Hockaday-Dahm Kimberly Hockaday-Dahm, MS Luminescent properties of inorganic oxides 
Jordana Jacobs Jordana Jacobs, BS  
Mark Jensen Mark Jensen, PhD  Synthetic studies on marine natural products : I. Stereoselective synthesis of E,Z-1,3-Dienes by tandem nucleophilic addition to a dienylphosphonium salt followed by Wittig reaction. II. Synthesis of cyclopropyl oxylipins by a cation mediated carbocyclization
Kevin Jiang Kevin Jiang, BS  
Lou Anne Kayser Lou Anne Kayser, BS  
Sasirekha Kodialam Sasirekha Kodialam, PhD Complex oxides of 6p block elements 
Vince Korthius  Vince Korthius, PhD New oxides of vanadium with unusual properties 
 Stephanie Laska Stephanie Laska, BS   
John Lemmon  John Lemmon, PhD   The synthesis and characterization of components for solid-state lithium cells : amorphous polyether-salt complexes, planar-sheet graphite fluorides, and layered organic
 Teresa Lemmon  Teresa Lemmon, PhD Development of chemostats and use of redox indicators for studying redox transformations in biogeochemical matrices 
 Chris Melville  Chris Melville, PhD Secondary metabolism in Streptomyces murayamaensis 
 Eric Oswald Eric Oswald, BS   
 Sean Robinson  Sean Robinson, BS  
 Hye-Dong Yoo  Hye-Dong Yoo, MS  Photodechlorination of pentachlorobenzene in organo-clay
Not Pictured: Jameela Al-Mutawah, Michael Bowman, Awatef M. Hassan, James Lebakken, Valerie Marty, T.M. Situmeang, Frank Stappenbeck