The Oregon State University Chemistry Stores provides chemicals and laboratory supplies to all OSU researchers & educators, OUS institutions, state agencies, and districts within the Oregon Public School System.  Products stocked include liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and a variety of other chemicals, lab supplies, and office supplies.  Shoulder-to-ankle clothing coverage and closed toe/heel shoes are required of personnel entering any Chem Stores area.  Prices and locations of all products stocked are listed in notebooks at the sales counter and below:

General Purchasing From Chem Stores

As a state university service, we are, in general, only able to sell to those with an affiliation with Oregon State University or another state agency.  This means that all sales are transacted using OSU index/account numbers.  You must have this number with you when you come to Chem Stores. We are not able to look up and give out account numbers.  If you don’t have your account number, please contact the accountant in your department before coming to Chem Stores.  If the account number has not previously been used at Chem Stores, someone in the chemistry department will need to set up the account for you the first time.  After the initial set-up, your account number should work without any additional maintenance. We are not able to accept student account numbers, cash, checks, or credit cards for any sales. See relevant OSU policies.



  • Large Chemical Order (10+ Gallons) Form

For current pricing please see the paper notebook located in chemstores. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Purchasing Chemicals in Glass Bottles

If you would like to purchase a liquid chemical in a glass bottle, you will need a bottle carrier or bucket to transport the glass bottle.  We have bottle carriers available for sale.  We have made an effort to sell many items in plastic bottles to alleviate this inconvenience, but many solvents and acids are still only available in glass bottles.  Please bring a carrier or bucket with you to Chem Stores just in case.  Eye protection, shoulder-to-ankle clothing coverage, and closed toe/heel shoes are required of personnel dispensing either of these products.

Purchasing Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice

We sell liquid nitrogen by the liter and dry ice by the pound.

  • You will need to provide your own Dewar flask to purchase and transport liquid nitrogen.
  • You will need to provide a cooler or styrofoam container to transport dry ice.

Purchasing Ethanol

We have 95% (190 proof) and 100% (200 proof) ethanol available. The ethanol is not denatured.

We also have pint bottles of 100% ethanol.  No special container is necessary to purchase the pint bottles.

Otherwise, the ethanol is sold by the gallon (about 4L), and you will need to provide a container for the ethanol.  We have empty reusable plastic bottles available for sale, but you can also bring a glass or plastic bottle from your lab to have filled.  If you bring a glass bottle to have filled, you will need a bottle carrier or bucket to transport your ethanol.

Special Orders

Chem Stores is not permitted to place special orders for personnel outside of the chemistry department. If you need an item that we do not stock, you will either need to make arrangements for us to carry it, or order the item through another department.