Our department is dedicated to the advancement of chemistry in all areas. As part of that mission, we are always looking for new ways to engage people with chemistry. That's why we've developed this program. Access to quality chemistry education benefits the world as a whole. Engaging new students with science and understanding can help us get a head start on addressing issues that arise in the future. Through this site, we hope to offer a variety of materials that can assist teachers and instructors bring chemistry into their classrooms. From worksheets and sample tests to lecture videos, demos and beyond, we are dedicated to improving and expanding chemistry education across Oregon and beyond.

Course Content

As part of our outreach efforts, we are offering many of our course materials to assist in your classroom. From video lectures to worksheets to exams and more, you'll find a wealth of content that is freely available for your use. A small sample can be found by clicking below, and you can register for free access to our Canvas Studio site with much more! These course materials are designed from the ground up by our faculty, and used within the past year in real OSU courses. Again, registration is free and easy!

Demo Example

Lecture Demonstrations

Demos may be the best way to make chemistry come alive. We agree that live demos are best, and we offer here a large number of videos showing our live demos performed in chemistry classes at OSU.

Research @ Oregon State

Research leads to new discoveries, and is a major part of our mission at OSU. Explore some of our research projects through the lens of our students. Listen to personal interviews where they discuss how they found a research interest and mentor, the projects they worked on, and their successes and challenges.