The ACS Pauling Medal Award recognizes outstanding achievements in chemical sciences.  Named for the only person awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes, the award is meant to honor his memory by providing recognition to those who carry his mantle of advancing research and society through chemistry.

A Historic MilestoneLinus Pauling Graduation Picture

2015 is a historic year for the Pauling Award, as it is the fiftieth iteration.  First awarded to Pauling himself in 1966, 49 exceptional scientists have followed, giving this award a great deal of prestige.  It is the pleasure of the Oregon, Portland, and Puget Sound chapters of the American Chemical Society to invite you to this historic milestone of the Pauling Award.

A Return Home

It is also our pleasure to welcome you to Linus Pauling’s own alma mater, Oregon Agricultural College (now Oregon State University) for the award ceremony this year.  The 2015 ceremony will be held at the LaSells Stewart Center ( on the Oregon State University Campus in Corvallis, Oregon.

Documenting this Milestone

On this historic milestone of the Pauling Award, it is our goal to interview attendees who are interested in sharing about their perspectives and experiences with this historic award.  We will be compiling a small video documentary of the award with our footage for use in future awards, and for use by the ACS.  If you would like to participate, please fill out this short form and look forward to a short interview prior to, or after the Pauling Medal ceremony.  We look forward to documenting your personal histories with this award to share and inspire future generations in chemistry.