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1.  If students choose the analytical chemistry sequence CH 421, 422, 461, only one inorganic course (3 cr), CH 411, is required.  CH 411 and CH 412 are a sequence so that CH 411 is the specified inorganic chemistry course. 

2. CH 463 is the recommended WIC course. If CH 462 is taken as the WIC course or an extra lab, CH 422 is strongly recommended as a co-requisite with CH 462.  

3. Students pursuing the business option must officially declare the business option before they will be allowed to enroll in business courses. Once the option is declared, students can enroll in the 200 and 300 level business courses that are specified in the chemistry business option.

4.  ECON 201 is a prerequisite for many business courses and should be taken as the BAC core course in the category of social processes and institutions.  Prerequisites for all specific business courses are summarized the table below.

5. Chemistry students with a declared business option are also eligible to earn a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. There are some additional requirements, however. For example, the minor also requires an orientation course, GPA requirements, and academic residency requirements. You are advised to meet with an adviser in the College of Business and see their Web page.

6. BA 357 requires a special override from an adviser in the COB because chemistry majors substitute ST 351 or ST 314 for BA 276.

7. Business Elective Courses Required Electives (4 credits).  Select one course from among the three following suggested sets of courses: 

Suggested for emphasis in small business: 
BA 362. Social Entrepreneurship and Social Initiatives (4); BA 363. Technology and Innovation Management (4); BA 460. Venture Management (4),

Suggested for emphasis in sales and marketing: 
BA 491. Personal Selling (4). 

Suggested for MBA preparation:
BA 357. Operations Management (4). 

(previous to Winter 2010): The 12 credits of Business elective courses are to be approved by the student's academic adviser by the end of the winter quarter of the junior year. These electives include BA 350, BA 390 or BA 357 or 400-level business level courses.  Be sure that the proper  prerequisite courses have been taken for these advanced courses (see table below). 

To register for a 400-level Business course, students must go to the business office (Bexell 214). DECLARED chemistry majors with the business option or DECLARED BUSINESS MINOR STUDENTS can request an override from a business adviser for these courses. Students are only allowed up to 8 cr of 400-level BA classes in the chemistry business option or the BA minor.

8. MBA Program at OSU

Students who complete the chemistry business option and some additional courses may apply upon graduation to the College of Business to be accepted into a 45-credit hour, three-term MBA program.

All students serious about pursuing an OSU MBA should make an appointment with the College of Business MBA adviser, 737-3716. Students should also take BA 211, Financial Accounting (4) and BA 213, Managerial Accounting (4) at the undergraduate level. 

(previous to Winter 2010: Foundation courses required for the MBA are: BA 211, 213, 230, 340, 352, 357, 390.)

Chemistry students interested in the OSU MBA program, might also take:

  • BA 211 and BA 213 (chemistry business option students may substitute BA 211 & 213 for BA 215).
  • BA 230 (from the choice of BA 230 or BA 347, only one is required for the chemistry business option).
  • BA 357 & BA 390 for two of the business electives.

Students who cannot fit all these courses into their undergraduate program, can take the courses later as a post-bac student

The following courses are either required for the Chemistry Business Option OR as foundation courses for the MBA program:

Courses  Terms taught Prerequisites
BA 211 F, W, S , Sum Sophomore standing
BA 213 F, W, S, Sum BA 211
BA 215 F, W, S, Sum Sophomore standing
BA 230 F, W, S, Sum Sophomore standing
BA 340 F, W, S, Sum ECON 201; BA 213 or BA 215, Junior standing
BA 347 F, W, S  ECON 202, Junior standing
BA 352 F, W, S, Sum Junior standing
BA 357 F, W, S, Sum  BA 275 (which has a prerequisite of MTH 245 ), Junior standing
BA 390 F, W, S, Sum ECON 201, Junior standing