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Financial Support Options 

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The Chemistry Department offers Graduate Assistantships for Ph.D. students which provide monthly stipends and which waive students' tuition. Graduate Assistants are required to carry a full load of 16 credit hours of course work, research work and/or thesis work each term, with the exception of Summer Term, during which time Graduate Assistants are required to register for nine credits.

Teaching Assistantships

First-year Ph.D. graduate students are generally supported as Teaching Assistants.  Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) work with the faculty by conducting recitation and laboratory sections and assisting with grading and examinations. The time commitment for a GTA averages 12 hours per week.

Research Assistantships

Most of the research conducted in the department is supported by grants from federal agencies, e.g., the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health, or large private sources such as the Petroleum Research Fund or Research Corporation, as well as by other foundations and by industry. Graduate students performing non-credit hour research on these projects are supported as Research Assistants. 

During the first term of study, graduate students should discuss prospects for research support with faculty members with whom they are interested in doing thesis research. Faculty members cannot provide absolute assurance of support, since it depends on the renewal of research grants by outside agencies, and these actions cannot be predicted with certainty.


NL Tartar Research Project
The department awards competitive summer support to students whose research is related to human health.  These fellowships are endowed by Dr. NL Tartar, an alumnus of Oregon State University and a long-time physician in the community.  NL Tartar Research Fellowship awards assist graduate students in chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology.  Priority is given to U.S. citizens.

Milton Harris Graduate Fellowship
The Milton Harris Fellowship is awarded based on achievements in academics and research, as well as performance in teaching roles.  The late Dr. Milton Harris, an alumnus of Oregon State University and former President of the American Chemical Society, provided a generous endowment for this program.

Dorothy & Ramon Barnes Graduate Fellowship
Established in 2013 by Dorothy and Ramon Barnes to provide fellowships for students in the department of chemistry.

Bruce Graham Memorial Fellowship
Dr. Graham was well known for his kind personality, sense of humor, good-natured battles with golf courses, and love of singing. This award was established to commemorate the life of Dr. Bruce Graham.

David P. and Clara B. Shoemaker Memorial Fellowship
The Shoemaker Memorial Fund awards one or more fellowships to exceptionally advanced Ph.D. candidates in chemistry.  The fund for this award was established by the late Clara Shoemaker in honor of her husband Dr. David Shoemaker, former chair of the Department of Chemistry.  Students who are completing the Spring Term of their second year, or who are more advanced, are eligible.

Ken and Lise Hedberg Fellowship
The Ken and Lise Hedberg Fellowship is awarded to assist graduate students in chemistry.  Students engaged in research on chemical structure receive priority consideration.

Arnold Johnson Jr. Fellowship for Doctoral Candidates
The Arnold Johnson Jr. Fellowship is awarded to Ph.D. students in Chemistry.

Dr. Sheng Chung Fang Fellowship
Donations made to be used for fellowship support for graduate students in the Department of Chemistry in the College of Science.

Whitely Graduate Fellowship in Material Sciences
The Whitely Graduate Fellowship is awarded to graduate students in chemistry or physics who conduct research in material sciences.

Ingram Fellowship
This award is in honor of William Ingram, an alumnus of Oregon State University, and is presented to the student who has compiled the best record in all first-year courses and graduate student responsibilities.

Dandeneau Family Graduate Fellowship
Raymond and Barbara Dandeneau established the "Dandeneau Family Fellowship Fund" in 2012 to find fellowships for students in the department of Chemistry.

Benedict Award
The Benedict Fellowship is awarded annually to the second-year graduate student who has compiled the best record in all courses and has a strong start on research.

Department of Chemistry Graduate Fellowship
A generous donation made by anonymous donors allows us to provide fellowships for graduate students studying chemistry.