If you cannot schedule PHL 444 in a timely manner, any one of the following courses will be accepted as a replacement course for  it to meet the requirements of the premed option in chemistry. PHL 444 is a Bacc Core STS course.  

H 320 Introduction to Human Disease (3). (as of 2013 not a Bacc Core)
H 364 Drugs, Society and Human Behavior (3). requires PSY 201 or 202.  Not a Bacc Core.
ANTH 383 Introduction to Medical Anthropology (3). Bacc Core Synthesis, GI.
SOC 350 Health Illness and Society (4).  requires SOC 204 or SOC 204H. Not a Bacc Core. 
HSTS 417 History of Medicine (4).  WIC and Bacc Core Synthesis STS.  Ecampus. 

The following courses are not offered very often:

PHL 448: Native American Philosophies (3) PHL 474:  Philosophy of Biology (4)
ANTH 483:  Medical Anthropology (4) SOC 432: Sociology of Aging (3)

Also see policies

1.  If students choose the analytical chemistry sequence CH 421, 422, 461, only one inorganic course (3 cr), CH 411, is required.  CH 411 and CH 412 are a sequence so that CH 411 is the specified inorganic chemistry course. 

2. CH 463 is the recommended WIC course. If CH 462 is taken as the WIC course or an extra lab, CH 422 is strongly recommended as a co-requisite with CH 462.  

3. PHL 444 in option meets the synthesis requirement for contemporary global issues.  If you substitute another course for PHL 444 from the above list and it does not meet the GI course designation, you will need to take another course in addition to this that does. 

4. BB 314 should be taken before BI 311 but it is no longer an enforced prerequisite for BI 311.

5. Students should contact the College of Science Pre-Health advisors for more information. There are many resources available in the College of Science regarding many pre-health professions e.g., Pre-medicine). Students with a premed option usually have a chemistry academic adviser who is aware of some of the special considerations for students pursing the medical profession. In chemistry Drs. Jeff Walker, Daniel Myles and Neal Sleszynski are the primary chemistry advisers for premed students (contacts).