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1. CH 411 and CH 412 are a sequence so that CH 411 is the specified inorganic chemistry course.

2. CH 463 is the recommended WIC course but CH 462 is the recommended alternative course or an extra lab course.

3. The three elective courses for the environmental chemistry option are to be approved by the student's academic adviser by the end of the winter quarter of the junior year.

4. As of Fall 2020, BI 22X replaces BI 21X .  A minimum of C- in BI 22X is an enforced prereq for BB 314.  BI 22X must be taken in order.  If you completed the previous BI 21X series before Fall 2020, this series still meets the requirements here.

Electives List (check prerequisites in advance for better planning)

BI 211: Principles of Biology (4) CH 692: Environmental Transformation of Organic Compounds (3) ENVE 541: Microbial Processes in Environmental Systems (4)
BI 370: Ecology (3) CSS 305: Principles of Soil Sci (EOU Campus) or SOIL 205: Soil Science (3) GEO 487: Hydrogeology (4)
CE 514: Groundwater Hydraulics (4) ENVE 531: Fate and Transport of Chemicals in Environmental Systems (4) TOX 413: Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment (3)
CH 401: Research (3) ENVE 532: Aquatic Chemistry - Natural and Engineered Systems (4) TOX 490: Environmental Forensic Chemistry (3)