1. A second year of another language is required for the BA degree at OSU.

2. Career supportive electives (CSE)

The 9 credits of CSE courses are to be approved by the student's academic adviser by the end of the winter quarter of the junior year.  The student should submit a formal list to the adviser (e-mail is preferred). These courses must include at least 3 credits of an upper division lab course.  The other 6 credits can be a lab or lecture courses. A course is considered a lab course if the primary emphasis of the course is the laboratory experience and the majority of time in the course is devoted to the laboratory. (A 4-cr course with three lectures a week and one lab a week is not considered a lab course.)  Undergraduate research or undergraduate thesis (CH 401 or CH 403 or the corresponding courses in other departments) are strongly recommended.  These courses can be used for part or all of the CSE and provide the student with valuable experience that is especially important for continuing education in graduate school. 

Generally CSE courses are upper division (UD) courses in chemistry, science or related areas including engineering, oceanography, agricultural science.  Courses to consider include upper division courses that are identified for other options. Other than CH 401, recommended courses also include other UD undergraduate chemistry courses (not already required for the BA), graduate chemistry courses, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, and statistics.  CH 374 is a synthesis course and not considered a career supportive elective. 

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3. If students choose the analytical chemistry sequence CH 421, 422, 461, only one inorganic course (3 cr), CH 411, is required.  CH 411 and CH 412 are a sequence so that CH 411 is the specified inorganic chemistry course.

4. The additional Liberal Arts Courses (above the Bacc core requirements) can be any course offered by the College of Liberal Arts with the restriction that music or art courses must be in theory or history (e.g., not marching band).