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Chrom. Forum of the Delaware Valley
Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group
North Jersey Chromatography Group
NE Regional Chrom. Discussion Group

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemistry
Chemistry on the Internet: Comprehensive Listing
Chemical Abstracts Web Server
American Chemical Society Web Server
ACS Network News
ACS Publications Division

Using CAS Databases
Yahoo Chemistry
- A collection of chemistry pointers
Chemistry Resources - via RPI
Chemical Information Sources - from Indiana University (CIS-IU)
The Sheffield ChemDex - Many chemistry internet links
WWW Chemistry Sites at Academic Institutions
Chemistry Teaching Resources
- chemistry teaching links
ChemEd: Chemistry Education Resources
Web Elements
- via UC Berkeley (fast)
Los Alamos National Labs' Periodic Table
- Material Safety Data Sheets via U of U
Toxic Chemical Information
Fisher Scientific Catalog

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