Phi Lambda Upsilon Chapter Activities Grant Application*

Date of application: _____________________             Amount requested: __________________     

Chapter Name: _______________________               Chapter School: _____________________

Name of person preparing request: _________________________________________________

Title of person preparing request: ____________________________________________

Instructions for application for funds from the National PLU Office:  This is an application for the request of funds to be used for chapter activities. Each chapter is limited to requesting $1000.00 per year.  These monies can be used to help fund, for example, speakers, travel to other chapters, picnics, chemistry demonstrations, tutoring, or community service projects. The completed application should be sent to the National President who will review the request within four weeks.  If approved, the National President will notify the National Treasurer who will send a check directly to the chapter.



A. Abstract of not more than 250 words explaining the proposed chapter activities that this fund will help sponsor:


























Chapter President Signature:__________________________________________



* taken from Appendix B.  Committee on Chapter Activities and Membership, 33rd National Congress, August, 2001.


Phi Lambda Upsilon Chapter Activities Grant Application (page 2)





B. Councilor comments: (No more than 250 words)





























Chapter Councilor Signature:____________________________________________



   Return this form to:

Prof. Charles T. Campbell
President Phi Lambda Upsilon
 Department of Chemistry
of Washington
 Box 351700
Seattle, WA 98195-1700