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B.S. University of California, Berkeley, 1966
PhD. Indiana University, 1970MWSSOLO.JPG (52653 bytes)

Professor Schuyler's interests involve applications of microcomputers to chemical research and teaching. His primary activity is selecting, designing, and implementing hardware and software for interfacing chemical instrumentation to microcomputers for data acquisition, data manipulation, and experimental control. His work involves cooperation with other faculty members and their research groups. He specializes in applications involving IBM PC-compatible computers.


Professor Schuyler teaches the graduate courses in Electronics for Scientists and Microcomputer Interfacing. Students taking the latter course learn how to write programs in Microsoft Visual Basic under the Windows 95 operating system. Commercial analog interfacing boards from companies such as Metrabyte, Computer Boards, and Scientific Solutions are used. Students also learn how to develop applications for micro controllers such as the Parallax Basic Stamp.