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Organic Division

B. S. Miami University, 1981

M. S. Cornell University, 1984

Ph. D. Cornell University, 1987

Dr. Gable's research is focused on discovering the mechanisms by which C-O bonds are formed.  Please follow the link below to find more about the project. 

 You may also wish to meet the research group.






The role of the metal-oxo bond in transition metal mediated organic oxidation: click here.

Dr. Gable's courses:
Fall, 2008:  CH 630  Advanced Organic Chemistry
Winter, 2001:  CH 362  Experimental Chemistry I
Winter, 2006: CH637 Computational Organic Chemistry
Fall, 2005:  CH 435/535 Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds (Web site under construction)
Spring, 2006:  CH 336  Organic Chemistry

Contact information: Email:
Phone: 541-737-6744
Office hours: As noted on course pages, or by appointment.