3rd Annual Symposium: September 18, 2010

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The third annual PNWURS was hosted by Washington State University and held on September 18, 2010 in Pullman, WA (chair: Prof. Ming Xian). Nineteen students from the wider Pacific Northwest region attended and Prof. James Wells from UCSF gave the key-note lecture. The quality of all presentations was remarkably high and three prizes were awarded as follows.

best lecture presentations ($250 each)
Andy Henderson (Gonzaga) and Nathan Wilde (BYU)
best poster presentation ($200)
Mason Frederickson (UI)
  Follow links to more photographs and the complete program (inc. abstracts) for the 2010 symposium: [photos] / [program & abstracts]  
2010 PNWURS participants – back row (L-R): Kyle Carter (WWU), Kevin Bozek (Simon Fraser U.), Prof. Phil Garner (WSU), Roy Malamakal (ISU), Prof. Tommaso Vanneli (WWU/Gonzaga), Andy Henderson (Gonzaga), Darrin Flanigan (OSU), Prof. Cliff Berkman (WSU), Nathan Wilde (BYU); middle row (L-R): Mark Hopkins (WSU), Daniel Olson (EWU), Hao Pham (ISU), Joseph Choi (WSU), Jennifer Storvick (WWU), Prof. Rob Ronald (WSU), Chris Evans (EWU), Olin Anderson (EWU), Yvette Strampe (WSU), Mason Frederickson (UI), Mitchell Odom (UI); front row (L-R): Prof. Ralph Yount (WSU), Prof. James Wells (UCSF), Prof. Paul Blakemore (OSU), Ian Query (WWU), Prof. Ming Xian (WSU), Prof. Travis Denton (EWU), Alicia Michael (WWU), Tyler Biggs (WSU).
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