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The Mole Hole is the general chemistry tutorial room. It is located in the Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) which is in the southeast corner
of the main floor of the Valley Library.  The Mole Hole will begin operation for Spring term on Monday October 6 (Monday of Week 2).  


                    Mole Hole Schedule - Fall Term 2014

Time Key Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11:00 CH 121 TA Stephanie Pleasant Corinne Brucks Larry Yao Breland Oscar Elena Medina
  CH 123 TA Rachel Wold (11:30) Ryan McQuade Zoe Zhu Dono Adpressa Dang Nguyen
12:00 CH 231/261 TA  Larry Yao Kyle McCaleb Larry Yao Karleigh Taylor Joseph Tang
  CH 201/211 TA  Rachel Wold (to 1:30) Ben Cranston Wesley Surta Kevin Chen Dang Nguyen
1:00 Peer Tutor Ross Overacker Justin Rewerts Katya Toporkova Karleigh Taylor Daniel McCauley-Walden
    Karleigh Taylor Dwight Sanders Karleigh Taylor Shan Lansing  
        Zoe Wiggers    
2:00   Ivan Titaley Nadeeshani Jayathilake Karleigh Taylor Dan Leonard Andrew Oswalt
  Sunday Bella Giampaoli Dwight Sanders Zoe Wiggers Sarah Synnestvedt Karleigh Taylor
3:00 Shan Lansing Karleigh Taylor Zhifei Li Karleigh Taylor Dan Leonard  
    Casey Waun Dwight Sanders Zoe Wiggers Jacob Buchanan  
    Dwight Sanders     Colin Harthcock  
4:00 Clem Bommier Karleigh Taylor Zoe Wiggers Dwight Sanders Dwight Sanders  
  Shan Lansing Nam Nguyen Dwight Sanders Zoe Wiggers Cheng Chen  
    Dwight Sanders        
5:00 Alec Kagele Max Wallace Kayla Naas Kevin Snyder Jayda Spong  
    Zoe Wiggers Zoe Wiggers Dwight Sanders Kyle McCaleb  
    Dwight Sanders     Dwight Sanders  
6:00 Zifeng Song Josh Flynn Omid Sadeghihosseinabadi Michael Naleway Jayda Spong  
  Alec Kagele Zoe Wiggers Zoe Wiggers Alec Kagele (6-7:30) Kyle McCaleb  
    Michael Naleway     Dwight Sanders  
7:00 Alec Kagele Dang Nguyen Amila Liyanage Chen Ng Kares Kozma  
  Chen Ng Shan Lansing (7:30) Jamy Lee Dang Nguyen Kyle McCaleb  
    Michael Naleway Alec Kagele Michael Naleway Chen Ng  
8:00 Michael Naleway Dang Nguyen Jamy Lee Chen Ng Jamy Lee  
  Chen Ng Shan Lansing Alec Kagele Dang Nguyen Chen Ng  
    Michael Naleway Dang Nguyen Michael Naleway Michael Naleway  
9:00 Michael Naleway Dang Nguyen Jamy Lee Chen Ng Jamy Lee  
    Partha Sheet Alec Kagele Dang Nguyen Chen Ng  
    Josh Cosgrove Dang Nguyen   Michael Naleway