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Crystal structures

You can examine these structures in 3D but you will need a VRML (virtual reality modelling language) player for your browser.  If you don't already have one,  Click Here to download a VRML plug-in. 

Bcc (Fe)

Fcc (Cu)

Diamond (Si)

Surface generator

You can generate your surfaces at the the following site by clicking here.

STM images

FeSi2 surface showing lots of steps

Quantum corral

47 Fe atoms arranged in a circle on a Ni surface at 4K using a scaning tunelling microscope (STM ) from IBM Almaden Research Labs.  Other neat STM images can be seen at STM Image Gallery.

Si(111) (7x7) reconstruction

IBM fly-past

The IBM logo flypast movie that we saw in class can be viewed/downloaded from IBM logo as a .MPG file.  You need an MPEG viewer to see the movie.

AFM Images

Hard disc

Magnetic force image

SiN/Si features

Polymer blend


NaCl surface imaged at OSU

Interesting images of self-assembled monolayers (SAM)

At IBM Zurich and NIST.

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