Process for Issuing the Override: 

Fill out THIS webform.


Prerequisite Overrides:  
Depending on your situation, please take one of the following steps:

1.  Are you dual enrolled with OSU and your home institution?  If so, you may request an override.

2.  Was your course taken at an institution other than Oregon State University?  If so, you may request an override

3.  Corequisite approval (ex. MTH 254 and CH 440) must be approved by instructor prior to registration.


Capacity Overrides:
Generally, the department does not grant these.

1.  Please keep a close eye on the schedule of classes for an opening and register if you can.

2.  For Experimental Chemistry I & II (CH 36X/46X), please contact Dr. Pastorek directly.

3.  For Quantitative Analysis, CH 324, please contact Dr. Sleszynski directly.


Time Conflict Overrides:

1.  The department offering the class you will be missing must issue this override.  

2.  If you determine you will be missing a Chemistry class, permission must be obtained from the instructor before you can request an override.