~~~ International Travel Information/Resources ~~~
OSU requires travelers to register their international trips with Risk Management.  This website links to the registration form and provides a lot of useful information for pre-travel planning and reasonably priced travel insurance
If using grant funds for the trip, here are some additional websites that may apply:
·         Foreign travel paid with grant funds –
See GCG Manual Policy 215-03 for policies related to international travel on grants
OPAA Foreign Travel Authorization Form - Form must be completed before making international travel arrangements on grant funds –
·         Foreign travel paid with federal grants – In order to get reimbursed you must follow the Fly America Act –
“The Fly America Act requires that all travelers and others performing U.S. Government-financed air travel use U.S. flag carriers to the extent such carriers are available, even if their use would cost more.” 
See GCG Manual Policy 215-03 for more details and exceptions