ATTENTION: The Chemistry Department Does NOT recommend this course of action. 

**If you attempt this and fail, you have lost your seat in the class. 

We will NOT force your registration at that time.**


Switching classes is a rather specific process, please follow these instructions carefully.

1.  Locate the CRN number for the new section you want to register for.

2.  Use the "Add/Drop Classes" menu in your Student Services Menu (not the "Look Up Classes to Add" menu).

3.  Drop ALL THREE sections (lecture, recitation & lab)

4.  Press the "Submit Changes" button.

5.  Using the Drop Down menu next to the course section you want to keep, select the "Re-Register" option.

6.  Scroll down to the "Add Class Worksheet" and manually input the CRN for the new course section you want.

7.  Press the "Submit Changes" button.