Most of our registration problems/questions come from the CH 231/261, 232/262, 233/263 sections. 

  1. Use the Look Up Classes to Add/Drop menu,
  2. Click the check boxes for the CH 231/232/233 sections you're wanting to add (one(1) for the lecture and one(1) for the recitation)
  3. Click the "Add to Worksheet" button. 
  4. Search for sections of CH 261/262/263 that you'd like to register for. 
  5. Click the "Add to Worksheet" button.
  6. Now press the "Submit Changes" button.

If you get a registration error, please make sure you read ALL three (3) error messages.  Please see the Registration Issues page to determine what your error message means and what you need to do next.

To request an override, please fill out this form: