The form listed below is intended for departmental matching funds only.  Departmental funding is contingent upon matching funds from your PI and application for (not necessary to be awarded funding from) the College of Science Student Travel Award.

In addition, you may consider applying for the Graduate School Travel Award.  This web form is NOT for that application.  Those applications must be submitted serparately and be turned in to the Departmental Awards Committee 2 weeks prior to Graduate School Deadline.


Departmental funding is generally contingent upon your applying (not necessarily receiving) for COSSTA funds.
Departmental funds now require matching funds from your PI. Please include an index number that we can charge the matching funds too.
What is the purpose of this request? Are you attending a conference? If so, which one?
What is the total estimated budget for your trip?
Do you have other options for matching funds?
Are you presenting at this event?
Are you presenting a poster or a talk at this event?
What is the title of your presentation? If you're not presenting, leave this field blank.
Is there any additional information you feel we should know before making our decision?