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5. Declared Electives

For some options, the student must have elective courses approved by their chemistry adviser.  For the advanced chemistry and advanced biochemistry options of the B.S. degree or the B.A. degree, majors are required to have their career-supportive electives approved by their adviser Fall quarter of the junior year.  If you haven't done this yet and expect to graduate this year, see your advisor soon.  

For the business option you must specify which business course(s) will be used for upper division electives.  For the chemical education option, make sure you have met with your chemistry adviser and selected what courses you intend to use to satisfy the 15 cr in a secondary endorsement area as defined by one of the endorsement areas listed on the SED web page:

6. Research and Internships

To register for undergraduate research (CH 401) & internships (CH 410), students must fill the blanket number form - forms also available in the main chemistry office. See directions for registering for these courses at the bottom of the form web page.