Professor & Chair
LPSC 251

Rich CarterEducation:
B.S. Gettysburg College (1993);
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin (1997);
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Oregon State University (1997-99).

Esther Brandt Chemistry Award (1992);
Stine Chemistry Prize (1993);
John B. Zinn Chemistry Research Award (1993);
David Burton Jr. Fellowship Award (1996);
National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow (1997-99);
Awarded Early Tenure from Oregon State University (2004);
Journal Awardee, Synthesis / Synlett Editorial Board - Thieme Publishers (2007);
Sugihara Young Faculty Research Award (2007);
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship (2010)

Research Group Website:

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Research Interests


Our laboratory is interested in the total synthesis of complex, biological active natural products.  Each natural product endeavor that our laboratory pursues must satisfy two common parameters: (a) the target must inspire us to come up with innovative methods for its construction and (b) the target must contain a broader scientific question or a topic that engages scientists from other areas.  Recent natural product families of interest include the lycopodium alkaloids, amphidinolides, mandelalides and furanyl diterpenes. Our laboratory maintains multiple collaborations to fully explore the potential applications of synthesized compounds. In addition, our synthetic endeavors have led to multiple new reaction methodologies including proline sulfonamide organocatalysis, umpolung SAOD chemistry (sulfone alkylation oxidative desulfurization) and silver-catalyzed heterocycle formation.  A more detailed description of these projects can be found on our research group website.

Representative Publications

  • Harada, K.; Imai, A.; Uto, K.; Carter, R. G.; Kubo, M.; Hioki, H.; Fukuyama, Y. "Synthesis of the ABC Ring System of Jiadifenin via Pd-Catalyzed Cyclizations." Org. Lett. 201113, 988-991Abstract
  • Harada, K.; Horiuchi, H.; Tanabe, K.; Carter, R. G.; Esumi, T.; Kubo, M.; Hioki, H.; Fukuyama, Y. "Asymmetric synthesis of (-)-chicanine using a highly regioselective intramolecular Mitsunobu reaction and revision of its absolute configuration." Tetrahedron Lett. 201152, 3005-3008. Abstract
  • Collett, N. D.; Carter, R. G. "Stereoselective Synthesis of the Eastern Quinolizidine Portion of Himeradine A." Org. Lett. 201113, 4144-4147. Abstract PubMed Free Access
  • McIntosh, M. L.; Johnston, R. C.; Pattawong, O.; Ashburn, B. O.; Naffziger, M. R.; Cheong, P. H.-Y.; Carter, R. G. "Synthesis and Computational Analysis of Densely Functionalized Triazoles Using o-Nitrophenylalkynes."  J. Org. Chem. 2012, 77, 1101-1112. Abstract
  • Veerasamy, N.; Carlson, E. C.; Carter, R. G. "Expedient Enantioselective Synthesis of Cermizine D." Org. Lett. 201214, 1596-1599. Abstract 
  • Yang, H., Banerjee, S.; Carter, R. G. "Proline Sulphonamide-Catalysed Yamada-Otani Condensation: Reaction Development, Substrate Scope and Scaffold Reactivity."Org. Biomol. Chem. 201210, 4851-4863. Abstract Note: Invited Web-Themed Issue on Organocatalysis and Issue 25 Cover Article  
  • Pierce, M.; Johnston, R. C.; Mahapatra, S.; Yang, H.; Carter, R. G.; Cheong, P. H.-Y. "The Mechanism and Stereoselectivity of a Dual Amino-Catalyzed Robinson Annulation: Rare Duumvirate Stereocontrol." J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012134, 13624–13631. Abstract 
  • Kang, J. Y.; Carter, R. G. "Primary Amine, Thiourea-Based Dual Catalysis Motif for Synthesis of Stereogenic, All-Carbon Quaternary Center-Containing Cycloalkanones." Org. Lett. 201214, 3178-3181. Abstract 
  • Mahapatra, S.; Carter, R. G. “Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Amphidinolide F.” Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201251, 7948-7951.  Abstract Note: Awarded "Hot Paper" status and Issue 32 Cover Article  
  • McIntosh, M. L.; Naffizger, M. R. Ashburn, B. O.; Zakharov, L. N.; Carter, R. G. "Highly regioselective nitrile oxide dipolar cycloadditions with ortho-nitrophenyl alkynes." Org. Biomol. Chem. 201210, 9204-9213.  Abstract 
  • Saha, M.; Carter, R. G. "Toward a Unified Approach for the Lycopodines: Synthesis of 10-Hydroxylycopodine, Deacetylpaniculine and Paniculine." Org. Lett.201315, 736-739. Abstract
  • Lu, L.; Zhang, W.; Nam, S.; Horne, D. A.; Jove, R.; Carter, R. G. "Amphidinolide B: Total Synthesis, Structural Investigation and Biological Evaluation." J. Org. Chem. 201378, 2213-2247. Abstract Note: Featured Article